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Mt Zion Remodel is now complete!

Mt. Zion has undergone a complete remodel of its sanctuary. All services have resumed. We hope that you will join us soon. Mt. Zion also streams LIVE on Facebook and YouTube every Sunday morning at 11:00 a.m. Worship with us @ MtZion Baptist Church Springfield FB page or YouTube.

Worship In The Fellowship Hall

On December, 29, 2019, Minister Mecca S. Marshall, was not only the first Minister, but the first woman Minister to preach the word in the fellowship center. Sermon: "It is time to take Jesus off lay-a-way."

Welcome to Mt. Zion Baptist Church

We are glad that you are visiting our site and we welcome you to worship and visit with us soon. 

We strive to maintain a loving church where everyone feels welcome and is inspired by the Gospel to live God’s mission with faith, hope and love. 

There are many opportunities for you to serve here at Mt. Zion.  We encourage you to seek God regarding the area where your gifts and talents can be utilized.  

I pray you find warmth, encouragement and experience spiritual growth at Mt. Zion.  


Our Core Values

We recognize the Bible as the inspired, inerrant Word of God, the source of spiritual and moral authority leading to wisdom, sufficient for equipping and training God’s people. 

(Timothy 3:14-17)

In the Holy Bible, we find the words “In the Beginning God Created the Heaven and Earth” (Genesis 1:1). Records of these words remind us that EVERYTHING has a beginning. For 141 years, the history of Mt. Zion has been written and recorded.  As this history continues, we hope you feel encouraged to continue shaping the future of Mt. Zion in this road of Christianity by worshiping with us.  

Mt. Zion History

Since the organization of its first church 141 years ago, the Mt. Zion Baptist Church has pioneered major milestones and religious progress.  Still today, Mt. Zion Baptist Church serves the community and State of Ohio as an appropriate structure for religious activities.

Near the turn of the 18th century, a group of individuals led by Reverend D.B. Green organized themselves under the name of “The Third Baptist Church.”  From 1878 to 1919, The Third Baptist Church, located on Dibert Avenue, encountered degrees of progress and failures.  It suffered under the loss and resignations of several of its pastors, but by the grace of God it remained in existence.  A transition came for The Third Baptist Church in June 1919 when the Reverend P.B. Broughton of Chattanooga, TN assumed the role as pastor.  As the pendulum of time swung back and forth, the need to update the church became evident.  At a total cost of $25,000 a building was constructed and completed by June 25, 1921.  On the very first Sunday in July 1921, approximately 150 people blended their voices in singing “We Are Marching to Zion,” and marched to Mt. Zion Baptist Church” located on South Yellow Springs Street.  Some of the ardent members who were responsible for furnishing the new structure were Deacons Ed Smith, John Johnson, R.S. Odom, Howard Crockran, Ashton Turner, Sisters Florence Franklin, Mamie Clark, Cleophas Young, Elizabeth Stoffer, Bertha Watlington, Lila Broughton, Georgia Flournoy, and Emma Oldon. 

The church progressed so rapidly, even the new building became inadequate.  Consequently, Reverend Broughton began to develop plans for a “new” Mt. Zion.  The program was continued by Dr. S. A. Hall of Tupelo, Mississippi when he became pastor on April 3, 1938.  For seven years the efforts set forth in winning souls for Christ and raising finances proved to be of vital importance.  With regrets, Reverend Hall resigned in October 1945.  

Reverend William E. Richardson of Halifax, VA accepted the position of Supply Pastor in November 1945, and in February 1946 he became the pastor of Mt. Zion. Installing Reverend Richardson represented one of the greatest steps forward in the history of the Mt. Zion Baptist Church.  Endowed with spiritual enthusiasm and a unique, charming personality, Reverend Richardson, without demur, continued with the established procedures.  The financial status was enough to begin the newly proposed church and the members broke ground on April 4, 1948 for the new Mt. Zion Baptist Church. 

Meetings with architect Mr. Herman Hunter were scheduled and the drawings for the Annex were laid out.  The $95,000 structure was begun in 1948 and completed in 1950.   Services were held in this portion until the completion of the main auditorium in 1958.

Laid out in all of its architectural splendor at 1171 South Yellow Springs Street, is the Mt. Zion Baptist Church.  The cross mounted on the front serves as an invitation to those who have and for those who are seeking salvation.  With a seating capacity of over 700, this church is one of the larger physical structures in Springfield for religious gatherings.  The sanctuary, roofed in glass and camouflaged by a ceiling of fluorescent lights, is cushioned with red carpet.  Fifty-two rows of pews are available for proper seating selection.  Modern, but practical design is employed throughout the church.  For the convenience of the services held and the comfort of the listening congregation, there is an elevated, spacious choir loft, cool-green baptistery, balcony, twin rostrums, luxurious dining room, well equipped kitchen,  conveniently located drinking fountains and restrooms, offices, pastor’s study, library, first aid station, usher’s room, nursery and approximately 17 Sunday School rooms.  

Dr. Harry Emmerson Fosdick, a great preacher of the 1920’s and 1930’s said: “In this world if we want physical results, we must fulfill physical conditions.  If we want spiritual results, we must fulfill spiritual conditions.  Sow friendliness and reap friendship. Sow unselfishness and reap enlarged life. Sow good will and reap a better world for children. Sow worship – the uplift of the heart toward the Highest and reap open-hearted responsiveness to the things eternal.”  The Mt. Zion Baptist Church has found it increasingly essential to practice this very same philosophy.