Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How do I submit articles for this website

Articles and events should be submitted two weeks in advance. Please consult with Reverend Cheryl Powers or Michael Henry.

There will be a folder available at the church for all submission requests.  All request are subject to approval by the Pastor.

What is Mt. Zion's purpose?

Use as one of the many paths to allow your hearts to be healed and your faith to grow while in fellowship in God’s greatness at Mt. Zion  Baptist Church. We proudly offer a place of worship for this community. Let us be aware that we are more than merely surviving the many difficulties of our past, but we are vigorously preparing for a greater outpouring of revival, blessings and the glory of God at Mt. Zion in the name of JESUS!!!!

Can I help?

Most certainly. We are open to ideas…   More Text to come…

Is this site available on all platforms ?

Yes, you may visit this site via desktop, laptop, tablets, and Smartphone