Orphan to the World!

I will not leave you orphans; I will come to you.” John 14:18 NKJV

Having lost both my parents and grandparents, I have referred to myself as an orphan to the world. I have been so blessed in my life and am saddened they are not here to witness these blessings. Sadly, I am left to celebrate without them, often making me feel like an orphan.

Last week, I was officially Ordained as a Reverend, and I am overjoyed as I await all the wonderful things GOD has planned for my life. I often think of my grandparents who attended church regularly. I find myself imaging the look on their face if they were here to witness my Ordination. I think about my grandfather, a Deacon, who would have been so proud of me. I think of my grandmother who counseled and mentored me. She taught me about JESUS, and she would have been so proud that I finally opened myself back up to receive HIM. Then I think of the smile that would have fallen on my mother’s lips, and the confident look on my dad’s face when His little girl, accepted such a calling on her life. All of these are wonderful thoughts crossed my mind, and I laughed and cried, because the reality is that I am left to only imagine these things because they are not here.

Although they are not here, does this make me an orphan? If I really think about it, am I an orphan to the world?

As a child of GOD, I understand now, I am not an orphan. In fact, my Father in Heaven is still here with me every step of the way. Moreover, HE was the one with my parents and grandparents when they were alive. They formed a relationship with HIM long before I was born, and like HE watched over them, HE is now watching over me.

It is without a doubt, HE has always been watching over me. Then when I formed my own relationship with HIM, and was saved by His son, Jesus the Christ, HE became my Father too. In John 14, Jesus promised that HE would not leave us alone. The spiritual presence of Christ ensures us that we will never be orphans. We have a family in Heaven. We have a place prepared for us. This is confirmed also in John 14, verse 3, “And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am.” How then can I be an orphan when I have a place prepared for me? How can I be an orphan when I am not alone? How can I be an often when I have family?

The Holiday season can be difficult for those of us who lost loved ones. It can be a very depressing time indeed. But let me encourage and pray for you. Trust in the LORD and know that HE is GOD. HE will not forsake you because HE loves you! You are HIS child!

My prayer:

May your heart and spirit be lifted on today.

Father in Heaven, please lessen their pain and loneliness during this season. Remind and comfort them with the love and memories of those who went on before them. Help them see through their pain and bask in the many blessings in their lives. Speak life into their hearts, reminding them all the many things they must live for. Cover them with your love and grace my LORD! This is my prayer, in JESUS name. AMEN!

You are not alone! We are family! Our family far exceeds those who are here with us. Our family is everlasting, and we will be reunited again one day!

God bless you,

In His Service,

Reverend Marshall


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