Recognize the Blessings God Sent You!

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. 8For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened. Matthew 7:7-8

You know that old saying that doctors make the worse patients. I guess the same can be true for other professions too. Frankly, I think we all experience that at some point in our lives. We are so quick to give advice, very good advice I might add, but are not as quick to adhere to it ourselves.

If any of you follow-me via social media, you would know I have a few things going on now. I have a book signing coming up on Mother’s Day, and I recently launched my Leadership Ministry Training institute, and will be taking enrollment next month. Not to mention, I am working full time, teaching, and working towards a 2nd Ph.D. I am also working with clients. My plate is full, and I am pulled in multiple directions. You may imagine, I am a little overwhelmed and stressed.

I have been praying to GOD and my prayers have been answered. GOD has placed wonderful people in my life that both love and support me. I know they are always willing to help, but the problem is, I do not ask them for help. Instead, I suffer in silence, afraid to burden others with my problems, and this results in blocking the blessings GOD sent me.

My Pastor called to check on me last night, something he does regularly to all his members. He is hosting my book signing and wanted to discuss some logistics around the event. I shared with him my struggles with balancing everything, and as any good shepherd he referred me to the bible as a reminder that GOD answers prayers, and help is there. He reminded me of the importance of asking others for help and encouraged me to do so instead of trying to shoulder everything myself.

It is evident, I must complete some tasks myself, however, there are things others can help with to lighten my load. I expressed to him that I did not want to bother him because I know he is busy, and again, we discussed all the wonderful things GOD is capable off, including placing people in my life at the right time. GOD also gives people minds of their own, and my Pastor encouraged me to ask him for help anyway and let him decide what he can or cannot do. He also said, he sees what GOD is doing in my life, and it makes him proud of me, happy for the church, and blessed to help in any way he can. To GOD be the Glory!

It is all GOD, when HE allows you to hear the very words you use to comfort others. When HE use people to speak into you exactly what you need. When HE allows you to feel the same authenticity you pray your clients feel when you speak to them. It is all GOD! To GOD be the glory! To GOD be the Glory! Lord, I thank you for everything you are doing in my life!

I had to share this today in hopes that it helps someone. I pray if anyone reading this finds themselves struggling to manage it all, to first look to GOD for help. When you ask for help, know, and have confidence that HE will send it. Most importantly, you must be willing to receive and use the help as this is HIS blessing to you!

Ask GOD, seek out his answers, and watch the doors open for you.

In his service,

Reverend Marshall

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