She Speaks With Wisdom..

She speaks with wisdom, and faithful instruction is on her tongue.” Proverbs 31:26

What a way to kick off the Christmas holiday season!! This weekend my heart was filled with so much joy as I was part of something so incredibly beautiful that just sharing it with your now, brings tears to my eyes!

Let us start with Saturday. I spent a few hours with a group of beautiful sisters whose mission is to advocate for and empower women of African descent, their families and communities. It is so very important to be in the company of good people, doing GOD’s work! We had a wonderful time breaking bread with each other, exchanging Christmas gifts, uplifting each other, and simply enjoying each other’s company. That was a wonderful start to the weekend!!!

Then on Sunday, my LORD!! Sunday service was packed with women ministers from different parts of Ohio, and other states. During the morning service, we were blessed with a word from a wonderful minister from Georgia. She spoke of the importance of knowing GOD’s word for yourself. The importance of being saved, and all the wonderful blessings you are exposed to when you form a personal relationship with Christ. Her words, “there are two types of people, those who are saved, and those who are not!” And with love, she shared a word for both!! Oh, we were so blessed to be in her presence!

We also had an afternoon service. This was a celebration of one of the Associate Ministers at my church. She shared her testimony. It was powerful!! Her testimony was one that many can relate to, and it was filled with messages we can all learn from! She showed how GOD’s favor is always upon us no matter how dim things may look. When you form that relationship with GOD, you are HIS, and HE takes care of you. What an awesome testimony!!! This time we had at least ten women on the pulpit (if not more), all of which came to support her. It was epic!!! Not to mention we had a few ministers in the congregation too.

There was a time when women in the pulpit was not always welcomed. There are some churches today that will not allow them in the pulpit. I am not saying anything negative about them, as that is their choice. However, I thank GOD for my Pastor because he does. Last night was evident of just how much he supports women ministers and it was awesome.

I wanted to share this with you because we as women must encourage and love each other. When it appears that you may not have support to do what you want, or you may have the support, but is afraid to do it…just step out on faith. If you take that first step, your LORD and SAVIOR will be there to lead you the rest of the way. Not to mention, you have an army of women who support you too! Just like my Pastor, he stepped out on faith and opened his pulpit to women, and if you would have been there on Sunday, you would have witnessed just what trusting in GOD and realizing your vision look like.

While some may have different opinions of a woman’s place in the pulpit, you cannot deny that women “speak with wisdom, and faithful instruction on her tongue!” It might be a blessing to you if you took the time to listen to what we have to say!

May you have a blessed and spirit filled week.

In his service,

Minister Marshall

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